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PVC Board

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Order now and receive it:

Between Tuesday 9 June and Thursday 11 June choosing > Delivery Date: 7 to 9 Business Days



The order needs to be placed before 1 pm EST.

The art needs to be sent before 1 pm EST on the day the order was placed.

After this time, the delivery forecast will change.


The payment must be made before 1 pm EST the day of the order (Visa, MasterCard, Paypal).

Tips for preparing file

The optimal resolution files for printing in large format is between 100 and 150 dpi.

Our system blocks files with resolution below 100 dpi.

We remind you that the files should be sent in PDF, JPEG or TIFF format with the following characteristics:

Base: [weight].08"
Height: [height].08"

Use the template to create your file correctly. No marks.
You can download the template on the tab on the right "Download template".

File control

Your files will be checked free of charge at:

- Verifies the artwork's sizes .
- Detects non embedded fonts .
- Verifies fonts and conversion into vector paths.
- Converts artworks with RGB colors into the most suitable profile required for printing.
- Verifies the number of pages ordered matches with those of the artwork.
- Checks that the resolution is not below 100 dpi.
- Verifies page has no white overprints and corrects them.
- Verifies graphic design distance from the safe area.
- Verifies graphic design is within the safe area.
- Verifies artwork orientation back and front.
- Verifies PDF files for magazines and catalogs: spine's size, file for the cover.
- Verifies the correct graphic layout according to the fold


Whether you’re advertising indoors or outdoors, it’s important to be visible in order to draw attention and convey your message. Your design should be large enough to read from a distance and have eye-catching colors and imagery.

Why Choose PVC Material? PVC signs are both lightweight and very durable, making them perfect for mid to long-term signage indoors and outdoors. These rigid signs have a matte finish that helps reduce glare making your design perfectly visible.

PVC rigid signs are made of an expanded PVC or polyvinyl chloride, and come as either a ⅛” or ¼” thick board.

PVC signs have a minimum size of 3” x 3” and a maximum size of 48” x 48”. Whether you’re looking for small or large signage easily find the perfect custom size to match your space and budget.

PVC boards can warp when exposed to extended periods of heat or sunlight, and if not handled properly the surface can be scratched.

File(s) measures
[weight].08" x [height].08"
Final measures
[weight]" x [height]"
File(s) format
Template available
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