Why SSL Certificates Are Important for Users?

Nowadays we are sharing this information on the internet when we need any document or we buy a product. The security has not been good always; however, this situation has changed by SSL.

What is SSL? Why are SSL certificates important for your web site? Before answer the las question, first I will tell you what is SSL. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer, a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links to send and receive information of Internet.

The importance of this protocol is highlighted because it creates a safety canal between web server and a browser in an online communication. Information is encrypted, so no one can take it in the middle of the canal due to the encryption.

How can I install SLL certificates? You need a SSL certification, in this way browsers can know which web pages need encrypted information. You have to request for it to certification authority, some of the most recognized are VeriSign, Thawte and GeoTrust. The price of certificates depends on their duration until their expiration date. How do users know that the information is encrypted on a web site? If a web page has encrypted information under https protocol, you will see:

As user, surfing the Internet, you are worry about the security and when you found a web site with this security you can be quiet. There are several benefits from SSL certification, for users and owner of the web site. For example:

·         Shared information is encrypted: we said before, this is the main advantage for the information.

·         Gain the trust of users: users will have more confidence of your web site, the y know that their data is protected.

·         Google rewards you: Google work for a secure Internet, so those companies have SSL certification will have better position on browsers.

·         Can be used for organizations of any size.

If you have any web or in the future, don´t forget SSL certificate! Certification authorities just sell you the certification, the next steps you have to do on your own. However, we can help from the acquisition until the end of the process.

  • Contracting of certification.
  • Installation on your web server/hosting.
  • The configuration of your web to https.

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