How to Create Facebook Ads, Step by Step

This year Facebook has changed its News Feed algorithm in order to prioritize content from friends and family over content from brands. Now, brands have to create meaningful content in order to users interact with brands. You should take into account on your digital strategy to improve and increase your organic search.

But today we are focus on Facebook Ads, do you know it? It is one of the most online platform used in order to advertise to attract interested public. Before say you what are the different steps to create a Facebook ads campaign, you should know some advantages of do it:

  • Opportunity to make segmentations of target, you could know the scoop of your target.
  • You do not need a large investment to obtain great results.
  • You could achieve interactions from users.
  • Monitoring information in real time.

Is interested, is not? Sometime you will need a help that can be offered by Facebook Ads, but where can you start? What steps are necessary? Well, we answer you these question by step by step:

STEP 1: First answer will be: what is the best marketing objective for you? For that reason, Facebook offers you different objectives such as:

In short, you have to choose in order to achieve your objective:

  • Brand Awareness: show your ads to people who are interested on your product or services and then you can increase your brand recognition.
  • Reach: this objective offers you the possibility to show your ads a lot of people.
  • Traffic: ads to manage your users to web sites, applications or Messenger.
  •  Engagement: achieve users interact with posts, there are three options:

o   Interact

o   Likes

o   Event answers

  • App Installs: people is manages to download apps.
  • Video views: these ads are to show videos. It is important a stunning content such as launch a new product, stories, etc.
  • Lead Generation: find information about interested people in our business.
  • Messages: public would be able to send you messages by Messenger
  • Conversions: in general terms this objective is in order to people do important actions such as a purchase on your web, for example.
  • Catalogue Sales: ads to show your product.
  •  Store visits: promote locations close to your business.

STEP 2:  after that you know more about each objective, so now we continue with an example of campaign to achieve “Page Likes” on your fan page.

STEP 3: Choose your audience

You can create personalized publics once you have done several campaigns, so you will have more information about your target. Besides, the use of pixel can be very important and we tell you more about it in future posts. On last image you could choose place (countries, cities, villages, etc. from anywhere in the world), age range, sex and languages.

You can detail more your segmentation including or excluding interests of people.

STEP 4: Budget and Schedule

You can choose between a diary budget or a global budget for each ad; the schedule can be continuous (stop it in any time) or you can decide a completion date (in case that campaign is not working well you could stop it before the date or even change the ads).

STEP 5: Choose the ads

For each objective, the formats can be different. In this case, you can choose between three types of ads. We are going to choose a single image where you should take into account several recommended specifications:

  • Recommended image size: 1.200 x 444 pixels
  • Image ratio: 8:3
  • To maximize ad delivery, use an image that contains little or no overlaid text.


Above the image will be a text in which you can show the message that we want to make known accompanying the image. At the same time as the ad is being created, Facebook shows a preview of how it will be viewed on different platforms.

In this example, do not be obsessed with getting a large number of “Page Likes”. The important thing is that the strategy helps to preserve the community and it interacts with the brand.

If you need the help of professionals to carry out optimal campaigns with good results, we can help you as a SMO agency.

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