Search Engine Optimization, SEO. What do You Need Know in Order to Your Website is on the First Pages of Search Engines?

The main objective of this process is web optimization in web search engine’s unpaid results (“natural” or “organic” results). People who is working on this job are SEO consultant or SEO specialist.

It is a dynamic technique which change all time, some different updates as Penguin and Panda of Google Search. This means who is working on SEO must be updating their knowledge to achieve the best results.

A website have an organic result is search tools without paid campaign (publicity is paid). This positioning is a result of the activity of “spider” called indexation. Indexation is a process where a spider is sent to “crawl” a page, extract information and return information found it.

The base of SEO is divided into two important sections such as:

·         SEO On-page: this section is relate to web relevance. SEO help to achieve this relevance through contents to search engines. Some of these actions are: keyword optimization, URL forwarding, loading time, and perception of quality content such as user experience surfing on the web.

·         SEO Off-page: this part of SEO join to the last one is based on external factors of the web in order to obtain visibility. These external factors are number and quality of backlinks which can be on social networks, a mention in any media (local, national or international), creation and development of blogs, media releases, authority of websites, etc.

But, why be on the first results?

In Internet there is a great competitiveness between businesses where all companies want to appear in the first page of search engines. For example, in the case of Google there are ten positions in the first page (organic results). It is hard that user use more results page. Think about it, do you usually look for more information after the first page of Google?

Everybody that have a blog or a website want to appear on first positions of search engines. For that reason SEO is focused on improve web experience and quality and interested contents. These improvements take into account search engines where it can interpret that a website is useful although a search engine does not see a website as a person.

Must be delighted the relevance of content which is the result of offered content and search relates to that content. Search engines need to relate the same terms and optimized factors on-page.

Finally, you should know about different activities which can damage SEO of a website, some of them:

  • Title and metas are not written correctly.
  • Abuse of the number of keywords.
  • SPAM actions considered by search engines, for example: leave comments in forums in order to leave a link.
  • Websites needs too much time to upload.
  • Duplicated content, so the same text in more than a URL (internal or external).

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