Who is Community Manager? What Required Abilities Had? How Important is for Companies?

Community Manager is the person who organize, manage and moderate the digital communities where the company is present.

According to AIMC survey about Internet Users 2017, the use of social networks is around of 80% of internauts. The most used social networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Pinterest and Snapchat. There are several reasons to use these social networks such as: friendships (72.6%) and people want to be informed about present. In relation to following what people are following in social networks), user follow mass media, companies or brands and familiar people.

These results show that there is a great use of social networks by users and companies or brands have a lot of followers. All of this reinforces the idea that digital contents should be manage and adjusted to the digital strategy in order to achieve the objectives of the company.

What characteristic should Community Manager have? They need to have abilities, as well as techniques and socials, in order to develop and achievement of the strategy within Digital media. Some of these abilities are:

·         Technical aspects of Community Manager

o   Marketing and Publicity formation: knowledge in order to have a correct interaction with digital communities and suitable media.

o   Audience Analysis: knowing about audience in order to achieve an effective communication with customers.

o   Market and Company Analysis: knowing about the market to develop effective strategies.

o   Knowledge about each Social Network: choose each social network according to the strategy, specific content for each social network, etc.

o   Management tools: use and knowledge about tools which help in the management of social networks.

o   Analysis tools: use and knowledge about tools in order to analyse the different established conversions in Social Media strategy.

·         Social aspects of Community Manger

o   Listen (read): his/her mainly activity is relate to read what users say about the company and brand and it is important listen them to answer them.

o   Friendly: in order to talk to community.

o   Serenity: knowing how to be calm in order to act within complicate situations for example: customer complaints.

Now you know the individual characteristics, but why are Community Managers important to companies? Firstly, they talk “face to face” with the digital community of the company or brand. Social networks help companies with customers where they share products, services, related information, interesting data of market and the most important: the possibility of interact with customers direct and personally.

Management of the digital community needs a social networks plan where company objectives are defined and steps to achieve them. In order to have the expected outcomes, the Community Manager should know about the company (philosophy, market, activities…) and establish with other departments the achievements of objectives. Recruitment this professional is necessary in order to manage the different social networks and achieve communication objectives.

Choose a Community Manager for your company and you will have a better quality communication with your digital community.

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