Showing or not showing the prices of the products / services on my website

Showing or not showing the prices of the products / services on my website

If you offer services or products over the Internet, you have probably asked yourself at some point if showing the prices of your products / services on your website.


As this is a frequently asked question from our clients during the development phase of their web pages or marketing campaigns. Even if you don’t believe it, it is a very important factor in the process of capture / sale, we are going to solve the doubts about which option is the most suitable. Let us begin!


When you are going to launch your website to the network and it is time to decide if to show the price of your products or services, some of the causes that may deter you from showing the prices are:


  • My competition will know my prices
  • I could create confusion with potential customers
  • I won’t be able to negotiate the prices in a personalized way with the potential clients
  • I can cause disinterest to potential clients if they see the price from the first moment
  • I offer services / Premium products, showing the prices could affect my image
  • Potential customers will be able to compare the prices of my products / services with those of the competition
  • My products / services are personalized, there is no stipulated fixed price *



Well, none of the above-mentioned cases lack foundations that sustain them so as not to show the price if things are done correctly and with professionals to help us if needed.


We are in an era where the Internet has brought us connectivity and immediacy. We want everything here and now, therefore, not having a price at the right time when we need it, only causes frustration and disinterest to the prospect client, decreasing our conversion rate, since if we wait for the client to send us an email to know the price that we don’t show we will be wrong in the majority of the occasions; The user will go through our website and will go to find another website where he finds the service / product that he is looking for and that does show him the price. But if you are still assuming that the user may think about requesting the price because it has the possibility that they might get a cheaper deal than in other places, you are wrong again. The first thing that the user will think is that it’s probably a higher price than the market price, because if it was competitive, it would be published, therefore the customer is not going to "waste time" making a call or sending an email, for something that is supposed to be published, and even if we answered emails and answer calls in less than 1 minute, the client won’t know, and although we indicate it, this won’t be relevant, because among other things, it may be 3 am at dawn when the potential customer is trying to know your price or want to make the purchase.


Do you want us to disassemble one by one the previous foundations that you can suppose as an excuse to not show the prices? Let's go there!


- My competition will know my prices:

If your competition wants to know your prices, it will get them, in one way or another, so not exposing them won’t prevent your competition from knowing your prices, anyway, if your problem is your competition, focus on highlighting it, to be more competitive; offers added values ​​to your product / services, develops a good marketing strategy, but don’t hide your prices for this reason, because your goal is to sell, right ?, it facilitates everything you can in the purchase process, since this will be easier and simpler, if from the first moment the customer can access the price directly and quickly. Oh! And also, an added value that you can brag about and differentiate yourself from your competitors, is to have all your products and services properly marked and detailed, take it as an uncheck in front of your competition, customers will value it.


- Leading potential clients into confusion:

You can lead to confusion if your site or content is not developed / raised correctly and professionally, if things are done correctly, the price won’t lead to confusion to anyone, indeed, clarify. It is important that you detail everything correctly and indicate what your service or product clearly includes for the price shown.


 - I won’t be able to negotiate the prices in a personalized way with the prospect clients:

First of all, all customers must be treated equally (all things being equal), that is, if you offer, for example, the development of a web page, you must charge Carlitos Hernádez the same as Coca-Cola, or Do you think that just because you are Coca-Cola you have to charge more? (Yes, as long as both meet the same conditions, forms and payment times, etc).


Unequal treatment, apart from being unethical, can cause loss of clients and an image crisis in case it is discovered, so it is a risk that I would not recommend to assume this. Anyway, if this happens to you, that one day you can enter a small company and the next day a multinational interested in the same service / product, you may not be segmenting your audience correctly. But since you have that power of attraction of several types of customers for the same service and you want to discriminate them around the price, in that case, I recommend creating several websites with the price oriented to each target (target audience). But yes, always showing the price; you will have more conversion


- I can cause disinterest to potential clients if they see the price from the first moment:

In this case, the favor, more than the client, you are doing to yourself, what is the use of having a client ask you or inform you about a product / service and when you know the price tells you that you are not interested? In the end you have spent some time among all the email exchanges so that when the customer has known the price lose the interest; that will be time lost. Would not it have been better if he had known the price from the first moment and, if he had not been interested, had ruled out the purchase at that moment? - At least you would have saved that exchange of emails; a time that you could have dedicated to a client who was interested. Time = money.

Besides having done this favor to you, you have done it to the client, it is not the same a disinterested to dry, that a disinterest with frustration. Therefore, this is another case in which you have no basis for not indicating the price.


- I offer services / Premium products, showing the prices could affect my image:

Even if your client has a high purchasing power, he also likes and needs to know the price immediately, even if it is to buy the most expensive product / service, he needs the price. Showing the price on your web page, won’t affect the image of this, I remind you that we are in the era of immediacy, users want things here and now, if not, instead of looking for you online They would look in yellow pages or other business guides, don’t you think? Or, because you are a high-level customer, do you have to make the purchase process more complicated? So ... Dismantled foundation!


- Potential customers will be able to compare the prices of my products / services with those of the competition:

If you believe that by not showing the price they won’t compare you are wrong, well no, it is true that they won’t compare it because they won’t have it in account (to your product / service), since without price it is impossible to compare, therefore they will decide to buy among the other products on which they have the price; thus you have lost a possible sale.

And in the case that they write or call you to ask you about the price you don’t have indicated, once you have provided it, they will compare it in the same way but with some delay and frustration for the client because they don’t have the information they were looking for. immediate, so you can reduce your product / service weight on the purchase decision.


- My products / services are personalized, there is no fixed price stipulated *

It is true, that this foundation is exceptional, that's why I have marked it with an asterisk, but we will treat it based on its exceptionality. In this case I propose two alternatives, but as I have indicated from the beginning, it is important to immediately give the client the information you need. It is obvious that if it is a product / service made to measure, almost that we can not specify a price immediately, as this It will depend on several factors, but we can do it from one of the two options that I propose below: The first option that I advise you (and it is the one we use at is a customizer of customized product prices. say, depending on the possible combinations that the product has, the price will be calculated automatically.

For example, if we sell clothing, the base price of a shirt is $20, the color blue t It has a supplement of $5, and the long sleeves have another supplement of $5. With a price calculator, as we configure the product to measure, supplements will be added, so we will always have the price indicated even if the product / service is tailored. This option may be more complex to program on your site web, so it may not be available to all website owners, in that case, I propose a second alternative, which will always be much better than not indicate the price. In this case, I suggest you indicate a range of Prices, from the minimum to the maximum, for example, taking as reference the previous example of the shirt, the price range that would have to be indicated would be: from $20 to $0 (Depending on the combinations made by the customer), with this information the user may have an orientation oscillation on the price of the product / service, which will favor conversion.

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