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The logo design of our company or brand is one of the most delicate tasks, to which we’ll have to pay more attention, since it will be the first image that our customers will see and associate with us and this will walk with us for a long time. In most cases, companies don’t give much thought or importance to it, and it’s a mistake, because not only this conveys an image, but it’s also very difficult to correct a mistake that could have been set right from the beginning. That’s why we have some advice for you today.

Elements to consider when choosing a logo:


When designing a logo we must take into account different elements. Let's begin!




Have in mind that simplicity makes our logo easier to recognize and remember. Overcrowded or complex logos are more difficult to assimilate at first glance. For our logo’s simplicity, we must take into account the following points:


- Use a maximum of 3 colors

- Easy to read typography

- Don’t use gradient effects.

- Represent the company services in a simple way




In this aspect we must consider in which products we are going to use our logo, for example, a business card, a web, cloth ... Our logo must be prepared for any adversity:


   - Vector, this will allow you to change its size without compromising its quality.


  - Negativity, with this we don’t mean that our logo must be pessimistic, we mean that our logo must be ready to invert its colors, especially white and black.



For this section we should consider our customers, because we must choose a typeface that suits both our business and services and our customers. You should not get carried away by the trends of the moment as your logo should be current but objective, the trends will change but your logo will stay.


For example, if our company is a funeral home, a typeface with a handwrite style is probably not the best one.




Remember that colors are able to stir different feelings and emotions in people, therefore we must take into account the psychology of color.


Let's see some examples:


   - Blue: Generates a sense of confidence, business, safety, cleanliness, freshness, clarity and harmony.


   - White: The color white is culturally linked to purity, elegance, vitality, confidence and delicacy, although it also awakens a sense of calm, peace and energy.


   - Black: It implies seriousness, formality, elegance, authority and distinction.


   - Brown: The whole range of browns and beiges are associated with the earth, nature, wood, time and practicality.


   - Yellow: This color is linked to the brightness of the sun, light and heat. It is also associated with optimism and discovery.


   - Green: It is linked with nature, with health, tranquility, freshness and movement.


   - Red: It is related to aggression, strength, vitality, spontaneity, passion and courage.


   - Orange: This color generates a feeling of warmth, joy, energy, fun, risk and exuberance.


   - Rosa: Express innocence, softness, warmth.


   - Purple: Colors in the violet and purple range are related to sophistication, wisdom, spirituality, mystery, luxury and nobility.

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